Friday, December 12, 2008

FMM Updates

First the Slush Pile info:

283 submissions received thus far.

We have rejected 240 submissions thus far, held 3 for voting, sent 6 back for suggested rewrites, and accepted 1.

We have 16 more submissions before the editorial board and we have 18 submissions waiting in our inbox for review.

General info:

Things have been a bit slow at the magazine because I have been ill. I handle the majority of our email accounts, as well as helping our solitary admin assistant with new submissions. I could use two more assistants, so if you're interested, please email me at info (at) - with me handling so much of the behind-the-scenes work, things slow down when I'm sick. I apologize to anyone who felt like they were sending emails into a black hole. I think I've responded to everyone, but if not, please resend your email and I'll respond asap.

The January issue is coming along nicely, though we'd like to get those six rewrite requests back so we can try to include those stories in the issue. We've been tougher in our decisions, so we have fewer stories to choose from so far. Hopefully we'll get some high-quality submissions before the end of the year.

Our next update probably won't be until January 10th, after we've finished reviewing all submissions and made final decisions on the January issue.

Here's wishing everyone a happy holiday season!

Jennifer Dawson