Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another Update

Here are the current Slush Pile Stats:

We have received 282 submissions so far:

We have held 4 for voting, accepted none, rejected 155 and had 3 withdrawals.

There are 27 submissions before the editorial board right now and 93 left in our inbox.

The submissions deadline for the July Issue is June 30th at midnight EST. This will be the last regular issue this year, as our October issue is only for fantasy. To learn more about our fantasy issue, visit

FMM Staff

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Slush Pile Update

We have received 254 submissions so far:

We have held 2 for voting, accepted none, rejected 115 and had 2 withdrawals.

There are 15 submissions before the editorial board right now and 120 left in our inbox.


We have switched to a generic email which we will send out when we receive submissions that do not meet our guidelines. There have been far, far too many of these lately and my administrative staff is flustered by trying to decide which ones to reject outright, without sending a notice, and which ones should garner a courtesy notice. A generic email, sent to anyone who submits without the proper subject line, necessary information, etc, will make our lives easier.

If you receive such an email, please reread our submission guidelines carefully. Do you have the word "submission" and the story's title in the subject line? Did you send your name, name as you'd like it published, and a short bio? Is your story under 1,000 words? If your story is not included in the email, is it attached? Is it attached as a .doc or .rtf file? We cannot open .docx files.

We receive too many submissions to accept those that cannot follow our guidelines.


For our October All-Fantasy Issue, we have received 13 submissions so far:

We have rejected 4, we have 5 before the editorial board, and we have 4 in our inbox.

We expect the number of submissions to increase dramatically after our regular issue closes to submissions on June 30th.

For information on our all-fantasy issue, visit


That's all for now!