Saturday, May 30, 2009

Deleted submissions

We said we'd be cracking down on submissions that do not include the required information. We are. Tonight I just deleted SEVEN submissions that didn't have the story's title in the subject line.

These authors will not receive receipt emails - their emails weren't even opened. So if you sent us a submission and haven't received a receipt email, resend it with all the required information and a correct subject line.

I have a feeling we'll be getting dozens of queries at the end of the quarter saying they haven't heard back about their submission. We keep a log of all the properly submitted stories, and if those authors aren't on the list I'll have to assume they didn't follow our guidelines.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fantasy Submissions

Submissions usually trickle in for the first few months of our fantasy submission period, then flood in after the July Issue submission period ends. It is proving to be the same this year.

We have received four submissions so far, and have rejected one. The other three are before the editorial board right now.

For more information on our special All-Fantasy October Issue, visit our website at:


Slush Pile Update

We have received 143 submissions so far:

We have rejected 72 so far. 2 have been held for voting, 14 are before the editors now, 2 have been withdrawn, and 53 are still in our inbox.

We have not reviewed any submissions received after April 30th.

Two reminders:

1) All submissions MUST have the word "Submission" and the story's title in the subject line. We've been lax so far this quarter, but we'll start rejecting these stories outright. They will not receive receipt emails, so if you don't hear from us after submitting, please verify that you did have the correct subject line.

2) A few subs ended up in our spam mailbox this month. Not sure how, because they all had the right subject lines, but we found three and replied to those authors today. That worries me, though, because we clearly state in our guidelines: "If you do not receive an email within a few days, assume we have not received your submission and resend it." These three submissions were older (May 1 thru May 6) and we didn't receive queries or resubmissions. These subs were almost deleted as junk mail when I cleaned out the spam inbox today. Please, please, please resubmit or query if you don't receive our receipt email within three days.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Flash Fiction Boot Camp

Our new Flash Fiction Boot Camp is a 12-day intensive course for serious writers taught by the Editor-in-Chief of Flash Me Magazine, Jennifer Dawson.

Each participant must have three unpublished short stories under 1500 words that they have submitted and had rejected from at least two markets prior to enrolling in this course. Registered participants must send their three stories and rejection letters to the instructor prior to the first day of the course.

Every participant will: 1) have one story edited offline by the instructor, 2) have one story reviewed online by peers, 3) use one story in a variety of exercises, and 4) be challenged to write new stories through daily writing exercises. At the end of each session, selected stories may be published in the Special Features section of Flash Me Magazine.

The first session will be June 8 - 19th and will be free. Interested participants must register between May 15th and June 1st at Participation will be limited to the first ten people, so sign up early.

For more information, please contact Jennifer at ffbc (at)

FMM Staff