Sunday, November 9, 2008

FMM Raffle

I put all the donors' names into a hat, and had my daughter pull them out one by one as I went through the prizes. Notified all the people to get mailing addresses. I have about half of them packaged and ready to ship on Monday. I need to find/buy some boxes to ship the goodie bags to the two lucky winners, though.

I'm in need of more donated books now, as I'm down to two that weren't part of the raffle this time. I expect we'll do another fund drive/raffle again next year about the same time. If you have a book or two you'd like to donate - autographed ones are even better! - let me know. All of our books this time around are ones our staff reviewed.

And on that note, if we've published a story of yours in the past and you have a book published, we'd be happy to review it. For more information, visit our book review page at


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