Sunday, January 4, 2009

Please Vote!

Every year Preditors and Editors hosts a poll for the best of the previous year. Flash Me Magazine has been on the polls for many years, for the magazine itself, for its coverart, for the editor, and for our authors.

Last year we placed #7 for 2007 with Elizabeth Tomcheck's coverart for Issue 16 in the Magazine/Ezine Art category.

Voting ends January 14th, so if you have some time, please go vote. It doesn't take much time but it's a fun annual poll to celebrate what we all do!


Also, Help Defend P&E:

Unfortunately, there are those who do not like P&E or its editor because we give out information that they would prefer remain hidden from writers. Usually, they slink away, but not this time. P&E is being sued and we are asking for donations to mount a legal defense in court. Please click here and give if you can to help protect P&E so it can continue to defend writers as it has for the past eleven years.


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Flash Me Magazine said...

Standings so far:

For Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories, Andrew Knighton's story "The Magpie Dance" is tied for 12th place.

For All other Short Stories, Foster Trecost's story "A Quiet Evening" is tied for 6th place.

For Magazine/e-zine Cover Artwork page, our April issue's cover by Junior Mclean is in 6th place.

For Magazine/e-zine Editors page, Elizabeth Hull is tied in 15th place and Jennifer Dawson is tied in 16th place.

For Fiction Magazine/e-zines page, we are tied for 9th place.

Let's keep voting!!