Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Catching Up

Somehow we managed to fall behind so much that we were left with over a hundred new submissions to be reviewed when the quarter ended. This has never happened before, not in 5+ years. My poor editors have been slaving away, churning out dozens of rejection letters in only 24 hours.

You can't imagine how tired we are! Still, I don't think it's affected our feedback yet. If it does, well, that's a downside to submitting stories at the end of a quarter.

We're not caught up yet, but we're in far better shape than we were last night:

We have received a total of 335 submissions last quarter.

We have held 11 for voting, accepted none, rejected 248 and had 4 withdrawals.

There are 31 submissions before the editorial board right now and 41 left in our inbox.

We will get to each and every submission before we decide which stories make it into the issue. But after this issue is decided, the staff will be taking several weeks off to recuperate after this horrific quarter end. This will not affect authors or the upcoming July issue. It just means new fantasy issue submissions will sit for a while before being reviewed. All will be well... with a little rest;)


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