Friday, October 23, 2009

Slush Update - Call for Submissions

So far we have received 120 submissions:

1 accepted, 11 held for voting, 1 withdrawn, and 88 rejected. In addition to that, we have sent 6 back for requested rewrites, three of which have come back already and been held for voting. That's impressive!

We still have 13 submissions before the editorial board, but our inbox is empty!

Send us more stories - quick!


1 comment:

kevin said...

Sometimes, when the larder is empty or the well is dry; a new, though still edible category might be considered. Sometimes encouragement comes in finding second place.
Would it be untoward to suggest adding “Interesting”, or “Potentially” as an addendum to your current publication? I personally think that potential lies in what might be written next; perhaps equal to what has written.
This site is excellent! Pursuing its acceptance has been a motivation to continue putting the world into words, although the shoe is never likely to ever fit the foot.