Tuesday, April 27, 2010

S/F/H Issue Reminder

The Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Issue Submission Period begins April 30, 2010 and ends August 31, 2010. *Submissions received outside of this period will be deleted unread.*

Please see the S/F/H submission guidelines at http://www.wingedhalo.com/sfh.html for complete details.

Thank you,
Flash Me Magazine Staff

We received SIX submissions in the S/F/H inbox this month, and I sent them all this nice little reminder that their emails will be deleted unread and to go read our submission guidelines.

I also reread all the pages on our website that mention the special issue, just to verify that they all do say April 30th (they do). I can't control the content of market referral websites and such, but you should always, always verify submission periods at a magazine's website before submitting, even if you've submitted to them before. Reread their guidelines, and see if they state when their guidelines were last updated (we do).

I will also point out that several of these early submissions failed to follow some of our other submission guidelines, so it will be interesting to see if they actually do go read our guidelines and submit properly next time.

(a stickler for following guidelines)

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