Sunday, May 2, 2010

S/F/H Issue Slush Pile

Due to a shortage of administrative assistants, I have been handling the inbox for the S/F/H submissions, and what a chaotic mess it has been!

I cannot stress how important it is to READ and FOLLOW submission guidelines.

I just rejected two more submissions today, one for a sloppy subject line, and one that managed to mess up just about everything. Incorrect subject line, no email with any of the required information, and just an attachment with the story. (I did read through the attachment, BTW to see if the bio was in there. It wasn't.)

I'll post stats later on this week, but I can't imagine we've have more correct submissions than we do reject ones.

I find that very, very sad, especially considering that our S/F/H guidelines are very, very similar to our regular guidelines. Throw a SFH into the subject line, don't send us simultaneous submissions, and note the new limitation on both the special issue and the regular issues about two submissions under consideration at a time. Not a big deal, is it?

I did just not that for some reason we're asking for the mailing address on the S/F/H issue. No need for that so I'm going in there now to delete that. You'll notice that the "Last Updated" date will change to today's date. We always do that.

I'm looking forward to more correct submissions in the future, and fewer rejection emails before we've ever had a chance to read your submissions.


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