Sunday, June 13, 2010

Corrected July Slush Pile Stats

The Editor-in-Chief is back in charge after a month-long absence.

I left things in the hands of my very capable Senior Managing Editor, Elizabeth Hull, and though we had a few minor snafus, over all things went smoothly during my absense.

We had a few staff absences while I was away, most notably our admins, and our inboxes and logs got a bit mixed up. I've gone through them all, straightened everything out, and am pleased to announce that though the submission numbers posted here on the blog were inaccurate during my absence, we seem to have all submissions accounted for. I don't think we've misplaced any.

The quarter ended at midnight on June 1st, but due to a bit of miscommunication, a few slipped in after the deadline and we've decided to keep them. Check your receipt email to verify which issue your story is being considered for.

We received a total of 355 submissions for the July issue:

We have accepted 2 submissions so far, held 3 for voting, sent 11 back for rewrites, and had 2 withdrawn. We have 21 submissions before the editors right now, have rejected 234 as of today, and have 82 left in our inbox. We hope to finish those this coming week. We have all staff on hand and are looking for more editors, as well.

We are currently reviewing stories received between May 4th and May 16th.

If you submitted a story before May 4th and have not heard from us, please query asap.

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