Friday, December 3, 2010

Finally: Slush Pile Completed

It took much, much longer than anticipated even given our two-month extension, but I finally emailed the last author a few minutes ago. All authors have been notified of their submissions' status, whether it be accepted or rejected. So if you submitted a story to us prior to August 31, 2010 and have not heard back, please query at

We received 388 submissions for the S/F/H issue and narrowed it down to 5. Keep your eye out for the issue, debuting online New Year's Eve!



Milo James Fowler said...

I am greatly honored to be included in that Final 5 -- and I can't wait to read the other four!

Alan said...

Congrats to those 5 authors!

How many submissions were held for voting?

JDawson said...

18 held submissions total. There were a great deal of really great stories this quarter.