Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Slush Pile Update

88 submissions received thus far.

We have rejected 25 submissions thus far, held 1 for voting, and accepted 0, out of the first twenty-six submissions we've reviewed so far.

We have 19 more submissions before the editorial board and we have not started reviewing any submissions received after August 20th, 2008.

We have 43 submissions still waiting in our inbox for review.

Pet Peeves for today:

Emails that do not include the requested information: I shouldn't have to open the attachments to log the necessary information. Worse yet, every email should tell me who the submission is from. I don't need a full letter, but the basics would be nice.

Being addressed as Jennifer Michaels: I haven't been Jennifer Michaels in over two years. Of course that's still preferably to being called Dave Clapper. He's a great guy and a respected editor, but he's not on my staff - never has been. I suspect it's a matter of copying a previous submission email and pasting it into a new email, but it's still annoying. It's always safer to just say "Dear Editor" or "Dear Editors" if you're not certain who to address. "Dear Flash Me Magazine" works, too. I wasn't impressed with the "Hey Guys!" though.

Strange text colors: We received one attachment that was all red, underlined text. Other emails had variety of colors sprinkled in them. Just like pen ink, black or blue are acceptable; reds, purples, and other strange colors don't belong in a submission.

Title mistakes: All submissions should have a title, only one title, and shouldn't have typos in the title. I have one submission with two titles.

Explanations: I don't need to know how long you've been using a computer, that you write for money only, that this isn't your strongest story, your age, etc, unless it's in the bio you want published. Other random information not pertaining to the story, publishing credits, or bio just muddles the submission.


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