Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Final stats

We have finished going through the slush pile for the April issue and here are the final stats:

We received a total of 365 stories this quarter. I have sent out the last of the regular rejection letters, and the only thing left to do is finalize the issue.

15 stories were sent back for rewrites this quarter. Five of those fifteen were done early enough in the quarter to possibly see them back before the submission deadline. Most of them did come back, but revisions are tricky things, and even with editorial comments and the feedback of our development editor, Janet, it's still hard to get stories into our issues.

Two stories came back through that we liked. One just missed the mark and we offered the author another chance to resubmit next quarter. The other has been accepted! Revisions can work, if you make the effort. Maybe that author will be willing to discuss the process with our readers in the near future...

We had two stories withdrawn this quarter, one because the author had mistakenly sent it to us without realizing it had already been submitted elsewhere. The other was accepted elsewhere, which is why we discourage simultaneous submissions. Still, that's a much lower number than usual, especially considering the large amount of submissions we received.

And that leaves 336 rejected stories, many of which would have normally been held for voting, had we not had so many high-quality submissions this quarter.

We've accepted 7 stories outright and have 3 stories we'll be rereading here shortly. We may choose one of them for inclusion in the April issue. Looks like we will have eight stories in the April issue, an interview with Associate Editor Kurt Kirchmeier, and 2-3 book reviews. Not bad. Not bad at all.


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