Tuesday, March 31, 2009

News, news, and more news

We've changed our submissions guidelines, our payment format, and our editorial process for the foreseeable future. We've been discussing it for a while, but this crazy quarter cause quite a stir, and we needed to rethink some things.

So before you send us any submissions for the upcoming July issue, please make sure you reread our submission guidelines page, including the payment information at: http://www.wingedhalo.com/guidelines.html

The basics are this: Everyone gets paid the same except the Feature Story winner. Everyone gets a subscription and cash. Win-win. We thought that was better. And simpler.

The changes do NOT affect authors who submitted prior to April 1, 2009.

As for the new editorial process, you can read about it here: http://www.wingedhalo.com/process.html

We now require six YES votes instead of five to accept a story outright. We can only publish 6-8 stories per quarter, so we don't want to fill the issue too quickly. Stories with less that six YES votes will still be considered for the issue (and Feature Story) but they will be held until the end of the quarter and compared to the other held stories before they are formally accepted.

We would love to hear your feedback on these changes...

In other news, we'd like to announce that Kurt Kirchmeier has been promoted to Associate Editor and has graciously allowed me to interview him for the upcoming PDF issue of FMM! Our subscription will have that and more, including a book review of Ilona Andrews' newest book, Magic Strikes. Subscribe today at http://www.wingedhalo.com/subscribe.html for only $8!

More news:

We will be publishing another all-fantasy issue this October.

Our last all-fantasy issue was an astounding success so we’d like to do it again. Submissions will be accepted between April 30th and August 31st. Stories received outside of these reading dates will be rejected outright.

There are special guidelines for this issue and a separate email account set up for these submissions, so please read our fantasy issue guidelines at http://www.wingedhalo.com/fig.html

Submissions sent to our regular submissions email address will not be considered for the special fantasy issue. Any submissions received that do not follow these specific guidelines may be rejected outright.

That's enough for now...


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