Sunday, March 22, 2009

Catching Up

We are slowly but surely catching up on submissions:

We have received 309 submissions so far this quarter.

We have rejected 203 stories, sent 5 back for rewrites, held 9 for voting, and accepted 4 already.

We have 43 submissions before the editorial board right now, and 45 left in our inbox.


Since my last post, we have received an influx of thanks for our editorial feedback and one very unsatisfied customer, about which I may post more at a later date.

For now, all authors should know that we delete these hateful emails without replying. We do discuss them amongst ourselves, though. We reread our feedback, the stories, and the authors' unhappy replies to see if we might have crossed the line between honest feedback and tactlessness. So far, we haven't, so we delete these emails without replying and trudge on; we don't need the unpleasant discourse.

These emails are far outweighed by all the letters of thanks we receive from authors who appreciate our feedback. We get so many I never have the chance to reply to them all, but we do read them. We are one of the few markets that offers editorial feedback with rejection letters, and we continue to do so because the majority of authors seem to appreciate knowing why we passed on their story. They may not agree, they may not like the answers, but they do appreciate the time it takes us to do this for every rejected story. And it is for those authors that we carry on...



Sara Tribble said...

I agree 100% I would rather know why they passed on it EVEN if I was disappointed they were passing. It sure beats the whole I wonder why? Plus as a writer critism is like the air we breathe, it is going to happen so suck it up and brace yourself--it's going to get rough!! Nice post.

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