Friday, March 20, 2009

Trudging Through

Here are the current stats:

We have received 301 submissions so far this quarter.

We have rejected 165 stories, sent 5 back for rewrites, held 8 for voting, and accepted 4 already.

We have 41 submissions before the editorial board right now, and 78 left in our inbox.


We have lost one editor, Janet, and hired a new editor, Jannette.

We are currently looking for at least one more editor and a publishing assistant to join our team. We're looking for people who enjoy reading a wide variety of fiction and who have the time to devote to the magazine. All of our staff works on a volunteer basis and enthusiasm is more important than any experience.

For more information, including job descriptions and how to apply, visit:

We are also looking for more books to review. Currently, we only review books by authors we have published, anthologies featuring a story by an author we've published, or collections of flash fiction stories. For more information, visit:



Janna Qualman said...

Thanks for the updates!

Sara Tribble said...

I am happy for the updates and also happy to tell you check your inbox because I just applied for a position! Keep Reading!